the company and its history

Savitar was founded in 1987 in humble but extremely functional premises, completely immersed in the beautiful Tuscan countryside. Claudio Savini has treasured in the company philosophy the unique features of the ancient tradition of the truffle, making it from the beginning the strong point of the company. During the nineties a corporate structure change became necessary, with revisions in the sales policies and the arrival, in 1992, of Mauro Biniforte who, boasting experience in the international market, right from the beginning made it his goal to develop and strengthen exports, flanking Claudio Savini at the leadership of Savitar. The union of the two proved immediately to be functional, achieving excellent results in a very short time. In 2004 Savitar moved to the premises of San Miniato, in the realm of the white truffle, where it is still located today. Today the company boasts its presence in many countries worldwide, including America, the Philippines, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Thailand, India, Europe, Australia and Russia: its flagship remains always the desire to offer the best truffle-based products.


truffle production

Via Capuana 4
56028 San Miniato (Pisa)
Tel. 0571 42710
Fax. 0571 419883

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