There are many types of pecorino with different maturation times and flavours and knowing how to combine them with honey is a great skill. Cheeses are free of sugars and their sapidity finds a complementary component in the honey. The combination must reach a balance without a flavour prevailing over another.

Thus, when accompanying pecorino with honey we must consider the seasoning: the more the maturation increases the more the honey must be structured and full-bodied to support the cheese structure. On the contrary, with fresher cheeses you should combine more delicate and less “intrusive” honeys.

This is why Savitar White Truffle Honey goes very well with Savitar Truffle Pecorino. The delicacy of acacia honey meets the soft Pecorino made with Tuscan sheep’s milk and white truffle. Ready after 40 days from production, it is marketed with a medium seasoning. Try this taste explosion!